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From Model to Product Designer to devoted wife and mother.

“motherhood was the best thing that’s happened to me”


Time flies when you live in Hong Kong. 7 yrs ago I was a 20 yr old Aussie girl raised in Sydney, my ambitious and adventurous self bought me over to Hong Kong. I saw it as a fresh new start and a world of opportunity and possibilities. I was always exposed to food and culture growing up in a Chinese / English household, but going to Hong Kong expanded my love of food and also my love of cooking. As a young girl I could only afford a tiny apartment, most apartments in Hong Kong don’t even have a kitchen, I had to improvise and literally cook from the one pan on a plug in electric stove. That is how this blog originally started.

The concept was to inspire those with small kitchens to cook using simple recipes to make comfort food.

Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world meant i had to work my butt off. I was lucky enough to work as a full time model in Hong Kong, and this allowed me to fund my lifestyle and was exposed to some amazing eye opening experiences.

About 4 yrs ago my husband and I started an amazing retail company together called Retouch Power. We launched the world’s first Lipstick and Blush shaped powerbank. Who knew I would get into electronics, but one day we came up with a great concept and we decided to jump on it.

Since then our company has grown globally and we are now in over 600 stores around the world and in over 12 countries and growing.

A few years ago I got engaged and married and gave birth to my first little girl and recently to my 2nd little girl.

As cliche as it sounds I honestly never knew motherhood would change me so much . From a young ambitious go getter who couldn’t sit still, to an almost stay at home mum, breastfeeding around the clock, not a full nights sleep in years let alone trying to run a business on the side.

I can’t imagine within 7 yrs so much was achieved and now i’m trying to juggle 2 kids and maintaining my sanity.

With all this knowledge that I’ve obtained over the years, the crazy experiences , and the endless amounts of mistakes I’ve made, what better way then share it all here on my blog with you all.

I admit, I am a perfectionist/ uptight worry warts… and when my first daughter was born, i went through the whirlwind of going through skin problems, allergies, stomach problems, you name it. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on testing and trying creams, medicines, natural remedies, all seem to claim they will cure the problem, but none of it worked.

It’s now been 3 yrs and I’ve had my 2nd child and I would gladly say that it is just as damn hard if not harder and you find out that your 2nd child is most likely going to be nothing like your first and all the knowledge you think you know, everything is different again. But i have found that products that work on my first, worked well on my 2nd and I want to share these with you.

I hope this little blog of mine can help as least one of you with your baby’s problems, such as teething, feeding, colic, illnesses and recipes.


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