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Hey All Eczema sufferers! This post is all about reducing baby eczema! I really hope to help some of the poor bubs out there by sharing to you my experiences with baby eczema and how I found the cure.

After I just had my baby I started to notice her skin was extremely dry, after only a few weeks old, I noticed my bub having dry cracked, red allergic spots all over her face, body, elbows and chins and immediately I knew it was eczema.

Being an eczema sufferer myself, it broke my heart seeing my bubs skin like this, and I can only dread for her the years of pain shes going to have constantly trying her best to not inflame it.

The problem for me is, eczema can be triggered very easily even now that I am an adult.

Triggers can be

1. Cold dry temperatures

2. Warm showers for long amount of time


4. Shower gels

5. Certain body and face products that contain perfume

6. Certain oils

7. Diet such as dairy and chilli food

8. Alcohol

9. Insect bites

All of these are my personal triggers and over the years I’ve learnt how to control my own skin and not to trigger the eczema. My routine is never to use shower gel, perfume. I don’t drink alcohol and I limit diary. I use organic insect repellant and I don’t shower for over 10mins. When it does inflame I immediately use my prescripted cream called “Aristocort” ointment, not the cream. This is my life saver and it has saved my life for the last 20 years. I apply a small amount on the rash  and it stops the itch immediately and most of the time by the next day the rash is gone.

For Adults this is great but for my baby Ava, this was totally different situation.
Babies skin are much more delicate and sensitive. You should never apply atopic steriods on your babies skin and I knew my “Aristocort cream” would of been too damaging.

So like all mums I looked at organic methods.

I started with

1. Organic coconut oil for the skin, I would continue to reapply throughout the day and even combine it with sorbelene and apply.

2. Baths for only 5 min long in warm water, never too hot.

3. Add a humidifier in the room where the baby sleeps if you live in a dry country

4. Changed her laundry liquid to fragrance free liquid

5. Watched my diet when breastfeeding, I eliminated any chillis or spices even diary that could trigger it in my breast milk

I tried these for months, on some days it would be really red and others I would feel relieved when the redness calmed but it would never just 100% go away. I figured I needed to research harder.

My baby is now 6 months old and clear of eczema, I finally found the cure! Now I want to help every worried mother out there to make all our beautiful babies eczema free!

Here is what I used

1. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream ( bought from – Apply 5 times a day all over body

2. Aveeno Baby CleansingTherapy Body Moisturizing Wash ( bought from – bath baby every 2 days to stop the skin from loosing too much moisture.

3. Laundry Liquid – SHOOSHA organic sensitive skin Laundry soap ( bought from – Use to wash all baby items.

4. Warm baths for short periods of time

5. Clean your babies skin especially around the face where they drool with a wet towel 2-3 times a day. This will keep the area clean and prevent eczema from flaring up,  or being irritated by the spit.

IF THE ECZEMA DOESNT GO AWAY – then my pediatrician suggested to use Sigamort 1% Hydrocortisone cream – this contains very little steroids , enough to calm the eczema but not enough to damage bub’s skin. Of course don’t apply it everyday, just once every few days or once every week to calm the persistent eczema.

Here are some photos of my bub’s eczema

How to reduce baby eczema

1 Month Old with eczema all over her face

ECZEMA on Babies Body

Eczema all over her Body

ECZEMA all over her body

ECZEMA all over her body

ECZEMA all over her body

ECZEMA all over her body

ECZEMA all over her cheeks

ECZEMA all over her cheeks caused by Irritation from saliva

After eczema treatment

After using Aveeno Baby

After eczema treatment

After using the treatment

How to reduce baby eczemaHow to reduce baby eczemaHow to reduce baby eczema  signature


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